The idea was born in May 1994: a group of friends pondered the idea of spreading the name of their Faculty through their music.

With their academic spirit, these “sailor women”, bursting onto the scene in a predominantly male Faculty, began drafting the project of a female music group (“Tuna”). This “musical boat” found itself taking on board more and more crew-members who believed it possible to reconcile studies with extra-curricular activities. Thus, the first chords of TFIST – Tuna Feminina do Instituto Superior Técnico – began to be heard.

Honed to the last detail, TFIST bore it’s cape for the first time and introduced itself officially in the IST canteen during the celebrations for the 83rd anniversary of the IST Student Association. It was the 15th of December of 1994. Casting loose from its moorings, the crew launched it’s first trip, aided and abetted by TUIST – Tuna Universitária do Instituto Superior Técnico.

Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Faro, Évora, Braga, Madeira, Azores… These are a few of the places TFIST has sailed to and graced with its music. Wherever it goes, TFIST always takes the name of its Faculty and City with it and returns with that box of personal memories which each member will treasure for ever, that little bit fuller.

Maintaining their standards in line with the IST principles which pass from generation to generation, year after year, TFIST works towards organizing the “Expedição”, the IST’s Festival of Female Tunas. In the course of 10 editions since 1997, this Festival has brought together some of the country’s best female Tunas, firmly believing that we can get better with every Expedição that we organize.

The years go by and the generations that cross in TFIST still have an unusual heterogeneity which contributes to the ongoing musical and personal development of each member. In TFIST, we reconcile friendship with hierarchy, admiration with companionship and kindness with respect. Living TFIST is a different way of enjoying student life, a different way of knowing people, simply a different way of living and sharing life itself.

Since 1994, many TFIST members have graduated from the IST and embarked on new journeys in their professional, personal and family lives, but they will always take with them their little bit of TFIST, a never-ending collection of stories and melodies, lessons and friendship which will stay with them forever…